Mammoth Granite, Inc., established in 2001, is owned by Matt and Julie Hoffmeyer of Ford River.  Matt is a union mason with over 25 years of experience working with natural stone and brickwork.  He has an extensive knowledge of the home construction industry and an old fashioned work ethic.  Combine this with creative, innovative design and attention to every little detail and you have a business that will ensure you are thrilled with every aspect of the project, from initial design to completion.  We leave no stone unturned!

    Granite IS forever.  With that in mind, our experienced staff will assist you in choosing the perfect slab of stone, whether it is for your kitchen countertop, your bathroom vanity, your fireplace surround or a commercial application.  Mammoth Granite prepares a detailed template of the surface, fabricates and polishes the stone, then installs the granite in your home.

    Solidify your future with granite.  Stop by our showroom at 1010 N Lincoln Rd Escanaba, directly across from the steam and gas village in the U.P. Fair Grounds, call us at (906) 233-9440, or email us at mammothgraniteinc@gmail.com and see how Mammoth Granite can transform your living space with natural stone.
    Here at Mammoth Granite, we offer the best services and products you can find. From countertops to  fireplaces to bathroom vanities you will never be disappointed.  We’re all about serving our customers and making sure their satisfied.



    As you can see, our real granite is harder than a cutting knife, while manmade granite means that you will be taking a chance cutting the surface.

    "Because of the hardness of minerals that make up granite, it requires diamonds along with water to cut and polish granite."


    - Come in and take the 'Scratch Test' yourself!

    - Take a sample home with you to see how it would look!

    - Many colors and patterns to choose from!

    - Granite is very durable and low maintenance!

". . . It's 53 million years old already. It should last you a lifetime . . ."

  • On a hardness scale (Moh's relative scale) of 1 to 10 (talc at 1, a penny at 3, a knife at 5.5, glass at 6, and a diamond at 10) most granite is rated between 6 and 7.
  • Because of the hardness of minerals that make up granite, it requires diamonds along with cold water to cut and polish granite.
  • Polishing the surface enhances the colors and texture of granite.  It results in a material with a high luster along with depth.
  • Depth is a unique quality that natural stone materials possess, something that man-made granite cannot duplicate.
  • High temperatures, such as cigarettes and hot pans, will not affect a polished or rough granite finish.
  • Granite lasts for centuries.

"I am thrilled with my new kitchen! The staff a Mammoth Granite was extremely helpful. I had no idea what could be done with granite. My new kitchen beautiful. I would recommend Mammoth Granite to anyone."


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